Comprehensive JOC Programs

What is Job Order Contracting?

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a customizable, cost-saving method of construction procurement that helps public agencies complete multiple, commonly encountered construction projects quickly and efficiently throughout a multi-year contract. It is an invaluable project management system that allows organizations to save time and money on maintenance, upgrades, and routine construction projects.

Some advantages to JOC include the ability to:

  • Clear backlogs and respond rapidly to project needs
  • Begin work in weeks, rather than months or years
  • Reduce and/or eliminate cost overruns and delays
  • Access an on-call contractor for needed work, at a fixed cost
  • Control quality of work with performance-driven contract

JOC has been used by public agencies across North America for the past 35 years, with virtually no risk to new agencies looking to implement the program.

JAMB’s JOC Program Offering: 

  • Program Development
  • Bidding Documents
  • Web-Based Software/ Custom Reports
  • Customized Price Book/ Technical Specifications
  • Staff & Contractor Training
  • Procurement Support
  • Technical Support (Software, Documents, & Procedures)

JAMB’s Approach to JOC Programs

JAMB believes a JOC Program’s success relies on more than just software. We’re committed to providing our clients with expert support and consistent service.

Our JOC Program is based on three elements:

1. JOC Management Expertise:

JAMB requires all Senior JOC Project Managers have no less than 10 years JOC experience paired with strong construction knowledge. Every one of our highly experienced Project Managers works directly with clients to assure their JOC Programs and projects run smoothly. JAMB guarantees the Project Managers assigned to you will be knowledgeable, accountable, and available to meet your JOC Program needs.

Our JOC experts work directly with agencies to:

  • Train agency staff
  • Provide management support and structure for JOC Projects
  • Assure correct reporting, billing, and project completion

2. Unit Price Book :

The UPB provides preset costs for defined construction tasks and bases those costs on agency specification, labor costs, and equipment prices.

The UPB is consistently maintained and updated by our sub-consultant, Four BT. 

3. JOC Software :

Four BT’s Building in Cloud software has a proven track record of providing accurate documentation and reports for our clients. All JAMB Project Managers are experts in this software.

JAMB’s Experience with Full JOC Programs

County of Ventura

The County of Ventura became a JAMB client in 2018. JAMB was the first JOC provider to successfully transition a JOC client from another provider without any complications and within 90 days. Between 2018 and 2023, the County increased their annual JOC spend from $8M to over $21M. This increase was a direct result of JAMB’s day to day JOC support, targeted training for County personnel, improved contractor communication, consistent proposal review, and JAMB’s willingness to provide supporting Construction Management services at affordable rates.

Los Angeles Community College District

Los Angeles Community College District is the largest in California and among the largest in the nation. JAMB was just awarded a five year contract to implement our highly specialized JOC Program to complement this amazing school district and the 205,000 students it supports annually.

City of Ventura

The City of Ventura chose JAMB to start their first JOC Program in 2021. The start-up was complete and their JOC Program fully functioning within 90 days. The City uses JOC for maintenance, repair, and upgrades throughout their city properties, including energy and security upgrades and historic building renovations. Currently the City spends about $1.5M in JOC and that is expected to grow in the next two years.