Job Order Contract Services

So much more than just a software solution…

We believe a JOC Program’s success is dependent on the support you receive, so we approach all JOC Programs as more than just a software solution.

Our customized, service-oriented approach puts your goals and objectives at the forefront of all decisions, and our experienced staff is there to provide consistent and ongoing support.

Our JOC Services include:

  • Comprehensive JOC Programs
  • JOC Program Management
  • JOC Project Management
  • Construction Management

Comprehensive JOC Programs

  • Program Development
  • Bidding Documents
  • Web-Based Software / Custom Reports
  • Customized Price Book / Technical Specifications
  • Staff & Contractor Training
  • Procurement Support
  • Technical Support (Software, Documents, & Procedures)

JOC Project Assessment

  • Agency-Specific Reports
  • Full Excel Integration (with clean formatting)
  • Analysis

    Construction Management

    • Cradle-to-Grave Project Management

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