Our Team

JAMB Services: The Client-Centered JOC Provider

Familiar Faces, New Company Name

JAMB is a woman-owned, certified SBE company, based in California.

We are JOC professionals working to fill one of the industry’s most significant needs: reliable and expert JOC Program support at an affordable price.

Public agencies need more than just software to run a successful JOC Program. You need experienced and dependable Project Managers, quick and effective communication, and a JOC Provider who will make your agency’s needs and goals a top priority.

At JAMB, we believe our value is not only measured by the overall success of your JOC Program. It also depends on how we handle your day-to-day needs. We built our company on integrity, honesty, and dependability. We are committed to hiring experienced employees and empowering them to work in your best interest.

With JAMB, you can expect professional, client-centered service and a dedicated team prepared to help you run a successful JOC Program from start to finish.

Meet Our Team

Jenell Hollett

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jenell has over 25 years’ executive experience. During her career, she founded and led successful companies, including her own residential construction company. In addition, she founded and managed an award-winning California non-profit. She is an expert in small business management, particularly in the areas of short- and long-term business and financial strategies, business communication, and mentoring future executives.  As CEO, she is the executive responsible for assuring all corporate strategies and practices support the company’s directive to provide outstanding JOC Programs and superior client service.

Joseph “Joe” Hollett

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Joe has over 25 years’ JOC senior management and 35 years’ construction experience. He studied civil engineering at UCLA while working his way through college framing houses. His construction management career led him to become a department head in the Chicago Park District where he introduced JOC to that agency in the early 1990s. He was hired by The Gordian Group in 1995 and began introducing JOC to West Coast public agencies. Between 1995-2013, he helped California public agencies increase their annual JOC construction spend from zero to over $300M. After the second sale of The Gordian Group to a venture capital firm, he left to pursue other professional options. He co-founded JAMB Services, Inc in 2016 and serves as JAMB’s COO and Program Executive for all clients. He is regularly on-site during JOC Program start-ups and, when applicable, JOC Program Provider transitions.

Jacob “Jake” Guy

Chief Strategy Officer & Senior JOC Project Manager

Chief Strategy Officer and JOC Project Manager Jake Guy has more than 25 years’ direct construction experience and over 17 years’ JOC management experience representing contractors, owners, and JOC consulting firms. He was part of the team that brought JOC to Los Angeles Unified School District and initiated the first JOC program for the State of Hawaii Department of Education. He is an expert in public contract codes relating to JOC and construction in California. Jake joined the JAMB team in February 2023 as Chief Strategy Officer and Senior JOC Project Manager. He is responsible for strategic and sales initiatives and the City of Ventura’s JOC Program and JOC Project Management services.

Laura Romero

Co-Founder & Senior JOC Project Manager

Laura brings over 12 years’ experience in JOC leadership to the team. She has a degree in civil engineering from Cal State Long Beach. In her previous position with The Gordian Group, she managed JOC Programs for numerous clients including Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and Los Angeles Community Development Commission. She was responsible for over $80M in annual JOC construction spend. She is a Lead JOC Project Manager for JAMB and is an expert in all facets of JOC. She is skilled in contract documents development including Unit Price Book customization, and at helping both clients and contractors adhere to approved JOC procedures which minimize delays in the Job Order Development process.

Deborah “Dee Dee” Zepeda

Administrative Director and Training Specialist

Deborah has four years’ JOC experience and over 10 years’ business management experience. She has a Business Management degree from Cal State Los Angeles and worked for large corporations before entering the world of JOC. In her previous position at The Gordian Group, she worked with public agencies including Los Angeles County and Los Angeles Community Development Commission. She handled over $50M in JOC billing. Her position at JAMB allows her to provide client support whenever and wherever needed including Program start-up, JOC Provider transition, and software training.

John Ledezma

Co-Founder & Senior JOC Project Manager

John is a California contractor with over 20 years’ JOC leadership and 30 years’ construction experience. In his previous position at The Gordian Group, he managed JOC Programs for numerous clients including Los Angeles Unified School District and the Cal State University System. He was responsible for over $150M of annual JOC construction spend. Prior to joining JAMB in 2019, he was the night construction supervisor for Disney’s Star Wars expansion. He is a Lead JOC Project Manager for JAMB responsible for client JOC Programs and Construction Management support. He is an expert in all facets of JOC from both the contractor and owner’s perspective and has significant experience with JOC energy efficiency projects and upgrades.

Richard “Rich” Guy

Senior Project Manager

Richard brings over 30 years’ construction management and administration experience to the JAMB team. He is a licensed electrical contractor who owned his own business then worked as an employee for Los Angeles Community College District and Los Angeles Unified School District. He earned an MBA and, as Director of Facilities during LACCD’s $500M campus modernization, he gained experience in Co-generation plants, Carbon Foot-printing, LEED and Sustainability, and well-known energy management systems. He is a top-performing Project Manager for JAMB, with OSHPD experience and a track record of project success.

Brent Rusk

Financial Director & Senior Project Manager

Brent has over 16 years of construction experience with 10 years in large site civil construction management. He has a degree in civil engineering from Walla Walla University and is AQMD certified. In his previous positions with Kiewit New Mexico and Sukut Construction, he managed solar projects ($8-22M), wastewater plant improvements ($2.6M), street and residential infrastructure projects ($53M), dam safety modifications ($250M), and hazardous debris removal at the Camp Fire site in Paradise, CA ($460M). He is a Project Manager for JAMB providing construction management and Job Order Development services.

Brian Guy

Senior JOC Project Manager & Licensed CA Contractor

Senior JOC Project Manager Brian Guy has more than 30 years of construction management experience and is a licensed C10 California contractor. Brian’s organizational and management skills make him a highly sought-after Project Manager. He has been a business owner and was a construction project manager for major corporations including Four Seasons, Oracle, and Sensei Wellness Resorts. He has overseen commercial, industrial, and residential projects, and managed projects exceeding $200M in total construction spend. His knowledge of cutting-edge energy trends and refinements along with his experience in 24/7 occupied buildings and energy upgrades are a significant benefit to JAMB’s clients.